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SaltGae final event: 25th September 2019 in Ljubljana!

We kindly invite you to join us at the final SaltGae Stakeholders event in Ljubljana.
When? 25.9.2019 @ 9.00
Where? Grand Hotel Union (Red room, 1st floor), Ljubljana, Slovenia
First session: Presentations of main project results, focused on treatment of saline wastewater with adapted anarobic digestion system and algal ponds, as well as biomass valorisation and inovative SaltGae Visualisation Toolkit-enabeling testing different scenarios for use of SaltGae technology an providing economic and environmental profile.
Second session: Presentations of invited speakers on topic of microalgae&wastewater and projects dealing with similar challenges.
Visit to demo site: see the SaltGae technology in action!
More info and registration:

Wednesday, September 25, 2019